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Kimura Martial Arts Academy

Traditional Japanese Martial Arts in Western New York



Kendo (“the way of the sword”) is a Japanese martial art based on the sword techniques and philosophy of the samurai, Japan's feudal warriors. Students seek to discipline both their bodies and minds in the pursuit of the art, making this a true martial way (budo).

Kendo can be practiced by individuals of any age. It provides an excellent aerobic workout , and combines the excitement of competitive sparring with physical and mental training, as well as the rich philosophical heritage of the Japanese martial arts.

Kendo is open to men and women of all ages.

Goshin Kempo

Goshin Kempo is a highly practical form of self-defense that improves physical health, strength, and agility and also focuses on enhancing mental and spiritual well-being.

Goshin Kempo combines physical martial arts practice with traditional Asian philosophy. This practice method is physical, spiritual and intellectual, with a strong emphasis on equality and flexibility

Goshin Kempo is suitable to men and women of all ages.