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Kimura Martial Arts Academy

Traditional Japanese Martial Arts in Western New York

About the Teacher

Mr. Hiroaki Kimura is an experienced martial arts practitioner and instructor who holds a 4th Dan in Shorinji Kempo, and a 5th Dan in Kendo.

Born and raised in Japan, Mr. Kimura was the son of a judo master and grew up with martial arts as an integral part of his life.  In his youth, he trained in many different styles including Judo and Kendo. As a young man, he quickly realized that each martial art has its strengths and weaknesses.

While attending university, he was introduced to Shorinji Kempo. The style emphasized efficiency of movement and focused on the balance of strength and flexibility as well as the physics of the human body. He quickly developed a profound interest and began to devote himself to martial arts as a way of life.

Trained by The Master

Mr. Kimura studied under the supervision of Goda Sensei who in turn had learned directly from Shorinji Kempo founder Doshin So. For the next four years, Mr. Kimura practiced outdoors 6 days a week, rain or shine, never missing a day of practice. The traditional training was often difficult, but through perseverance and hard work he became co-captain of the dojo in his junior year.

Shortly after graduating from University, Mr. Kimura moved to the United States and recognizing the growing popularity of martial arts and the need for skilled instructors, he began teaching in Lancaster NY. In 1978 he opened his first official academy so he could continue to develop his passion for martial arts and to share its benefits with students of all ages.

Traditional school with modern training methods

After more than 35 years of constant teaching, practice and careful study, Mr. Kimura developed Goshin Kempo, a highly practical martial art which incorporates principles of many traditional styles.

Mr. Kimura’s unique philosophy of teaching has created a traditional school which incorporates modern teaching methods. He believes that martial arts training is not only for self defense but to develop good physical and mental health and apply its inherent discipline, concentration and mutual respect to our everyday life.


  • 4th Dan Shorinji Kempo

  • 5th Dan Kendo

  • Former Member World Shorinji Kempo Organization

  • Member World Kendo Federation

  • Over 40 years of teaching experience

  • Opened the Buffalo Kendo Club as the first official Kendo school in Western New York